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Season Ticket Deposits - Join the 1909 Club Today!

Join the 1909 Club!

Place Your $25 Season Ticket Deposit Today!

Be a part of Queens history by becoming a founding member of Queensboro FC! By placing your $25 deposit, you will be among the first people to pick your seat location(s) for our inaugural season. The $25 deposit gives you the right to purchase up to 6 seats and will be put towards the total cost of your season ticket plan. Seat selection will be conducted in order of deposit placement, so the sooner you place your deposit the more seating options you'll have!

Why do I need to place a deposit for Season Tickets?

  • A deposit reserves your place in line to purchase season tickets for the 2022 season.

Do I get any swag for joining the 1909 Club?

  • Yes! The Royalty Members, the first 500 members to place deposits, will receive a special edition Royalty Member face mask, as well as a special 1909 Club QBFC Sling Bag and #HOME Keychain. All of these 1909 Club exclusive items will never be produced again.  Each person who places a deposit as a member of the 1909 Club, Royalty Member or not, will receive the special edition 1909 Club QBFC sling bag and #HOME keychain. *1 mask and/or bag and keychain per deposit.

What is the 1909 Club?

  • The 1909 Club is made up of our first prospective season ticket members to place a deposit, whose namesake derives from the opening of the Queensborough Bridge, an integral part of our badge, in the year 1909. The first 1,909 people to place a deposit will be forever known as members of the 1,909 Club and receive unique benefits as a part of their membership.

Will there be payment plans for season tickets?

  • Yes, there will be payment plans offered for season tickets.

Does placing a deposit guarantee that I will be able to purchase season tickets?

  • No, we expect to sell out of season tickets. It is feasible that some people who place a deposit will not be able to purchase season tickets for the 2022 season. In that case, we will create a waitlist for available locations for the 2023 season and beyond.

Where is the stadium located?

  • The stadium is located on the campus of York College in Jamaica, Queens, which is conveniently accessible by automobile and public transportation.

Please visit our dedicated Season Ticket Deposit FAQ page for additional questions and answers!

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